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CopyFactory copy trading API#

Note: this is a technical documentation website. Commercial landing page is located here

Note to reader: We aimed to create a powerful yet simple API. If you'll find a missing feature you need, please drop us a message via online chat.

CopyFactory is a powerful trade copying API which makes developing forex trade copying applications as easy as writing few lines of code.

CopyFactory API is a member of MetaApi project (, a powerful cloud forex trading API which supports both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Why do we offer CopyFactory trade copying API#

We found that developing reliable and flexible trade copier is a task which requires lots of effort, because developers have to solve a series of complex technical tasks to create a product.

We decided to share our product as it allows developers to start with a powerful solution in almost no time, saving on development and infrastructure maintenance costs.

CopyFactory copytradging API features#

Features supported:

  • low latency trade copying API
  • reliable trade copying API
  • suitable for large-scale deployments
  • suitable for large number of subscribers
  • connect arbitrary number of strategy providers and subscribers
  • subscribe accounts to multiple strategies at once
  • select arbitrary copy ratio for each subscription
  • configure symbol mapping between strategy providers and subscribers
  • apply advanced risk filters on strategy provider side
  • override risk filters on subscriber side
  • provide multiple strategies from a single account based on magic or symbol filters
  • supports manual trading on subscriber accounts while copying trades
  • synchronize subscriber account with strategy providers
  • monitor trading history
  • calculate trade copying commissions for account managers
  • support portfolio strategies as trading signal source, i.e. the strategies which include signals of several other strategies (also known as combos on some platforms)

Please note that trade copying to MT5 netting accounts is not supported in the current API version

API and SDKs#

The CopyFactory API is a REST API which can be consumed from any language. We also provide SDKs for Javascript, Python and Java.

Code examples#

We published some code examples in our github repositories, namely:

In order to convert the code examples to pure REST API invocations, please check source codes of the APIs invoked in examples to convert the SDK API calls to REST API invocations.

Documentation structure#

  • the Features section describes each of the features you can use in CopyFactory
  • the REST API section describes how to interact with the MetaStats using the RESTful API
  • the Models section describes the response schemas that the application uses to communicate with the client

Feature limitations#

Following features, in spite that they are documented on this website, are not yet supported:

  • breaking news filter does not work currently because our breaking news data provider have withdrawn a permission for our app to access the data. Please advise us a high-quality affordable breaking news data provider so that we can fix this feature
  • symbol strategy position lifecycle setting is deprecated and will be removed soon, so please do not use this feature (you are very unlikely to condier it anyway as it was added for a very specific use case)

Other than that all features documented are in working condition and you are welcome to use it.

Take a look at our website for the full list of APIs and features supported

Some of the APIs you might decide to use together with CopyFactory API are:

  1. MetaApi cloud forex API
  2. MetaTrader account management API
  3. MetaStats forex trading metrics API