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Strategy trade size scaling#


Using this setting you can configure how the trade signal volume is transformed to match the subscriber account.


Name Type Required Description
mode string Yes If set to balance, the trade size on strategy subscriber will be scaled according to balance to preserve risk. If value is none, then trade size will be preserved irregardless of the subscriber balance. If value is contractSize, then trade size will be scaled according to contract size. If fixedVolume is set, then trade will be copied with a fixed volume of traceVolume setting. If fixedRisk is set, then each trade will be copied with a trade volume set to risk specific fraction of balance as configured by riskFraction setting. Note, that in fixedRisk mode trades without a SL are not copied. Default is balance. Allowed values: none, contractSize, balance, fixedVolume, fixedRisk
tradeVolume number Fixed trade volume for use with fixedVolume trade size scaling mode
riskFraction number Fixed risk fraction for use with fixedRisk trade size scaling mode


  "mode": "contractSize"