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Get provided strategies transactions#


Returns transactions for the strategies the current user provides to other users

GET /users/current/provided-strategies/transactions

For more information see Swagger documentation


Name Type Required Description
auth-token string Yes authorization token. See Authentication & authorization

Query parameters#

Name Type Required Description
from string(datetime) Yes the time to return transaction starting from, inclusive (in ISO format)
till string(datetime) Yes the time to return transaction ending at, exclusive (in ISO format)
strategyId Array<string> the list of strategies to filter by
accountId Array<string> the list of CopyFactory subscriber account id (64-character long) to filter by
subscriberId Array<string> the list of subscribers to filter by
offset integer pagination offset, default: 0, min: 0
limit integer pagination limit, default: 10000, min: 1, max: 10000



  • 200 - Transactions returned successfully. Response schema: Array<Transaction>
  • 401 - Authorization failed. Response schema: Error


Example request:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'auth-token: token' '"2020-04-20T04:00:00.000Z"&till="2020-04-20T04:30:00.000Z"&strategyId=["iYTk"]&subscriberId=["aBcD"]&limit=10&offset=5'

Example response:

    "id": "2235076744:close",
    "type": "DEAL_TYPE_BUY",
    "time": "2021-02-26T05:56:29.238Z",
    "accountId": "2DLmSEibEc1UeNpTXGcoZ22FqhFiaiUpxykfTuX2VbLMDD0NCuBXUlH8Jye6wWSQ",
    "symbol": "EURUSD",
    "subscriber": {
      "id": "5013f1322ae00d69167803d959e9f7dc",
      "name": "Bruce Wayne"
    "demo": true,
    "provider": {
      "id": "5013f1322ae00d69167803d959e9f7dc",
      "name": "Clark Kent"
    "strategy": {
      "id": "StMF",
      "name": "Test strategy",
    "positionId": "+apNW3",
    "improvement": 0,
    "providerCommission": 0.01,
    "platformCommission": 0.05,
    "incomingProviderCommission": 0,
    "incomingPlatformCommission": 0,
    "quantity": 1.99,
    "lotPrice": 121569.99999999999,
    "tickPrice": 1.2157,
    "amount": 241924.29999999996,
    "commission": -3.98,
    "swap": 0.06,
    "profit": -55.72,
    "metrics": {
      "tradeCopyingLatency": 261,
      "tradeCopyingSlippageInBasisPoints": -0.24676531795690237,
      "tradeCopyingSlippageInAccountCurrency": -5.969852681100103,
      "mtAndBrokerSignalLatency": 72,
      "tradeAlgorithmLatency": 35,
      "mtAndBrokerTradeLatency": 176,
      "totalLatency": 283