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What is the status of this project?#

The API is stable at this point. If you need a specific feature, please let us know via online chat.

How can I be sure your service is reliable enough?#

We implemented comprehensive automated test suite and conduct user acceptance tests on each release.

How can I get access to the API#

Please contact us via online chat to request API access.

Note, that:

  • if you are a broker, you need to be granted manager API DLL and C++ headers access by MetaQuotes or your whitelabel vendor
  • if you are a broker partner you need to be granted manager access to an MT server and access to manager API DLLs and C++ headers by your broker

What is the API cost#

The API is provided as a paid subscription addon at this point and a trial period is available.

I would like to get a trial, is this possible?#

We provide a trial period so that you can test our APIs.

Is the service safe to use?#

The service was built with security requirements in mind. However, you should plan security of your application appropriately so that:

  • you do not use manager access credentials with balance management permissions for live accounts unless you are willing to manage balances for live accounts via our API
  • if you are willing to manage balances via our API please make sure that you conduct a real-time or near real-time audit of your balance operations on your side

How do you store manager access credentials?#

The manager access credentials are stored in a specialized industry-leading encrypted secure storage and accessed only to serve your API requests.

Other questions#

Any question? Post it via online chat any time to get a response. We will be happy to answer.