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Get symbols by group#


Get symbols by group.

GET /users/current/mt5/provisioning-profiles/:profileId/symbolsGroup

For more information see swagger documentation


Name Type Required Description
auth-token string Yes MetaApi account token. See Authentication & authorization

Path parameters#

Name Type Required Description
profileId string Yes Id of the provisioning profile

Query parameters#

Name Type Required Description
group string Group name


  • 200 - Successfully retrieved symbols by group. Metatrader5Symbol
  • 400 - Request validation failed. Response schema: Error


Example request:

curl -X GET --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'auth-token: token' -d '{}' ''

Example response:

  "symbol": "EURUSD",
  "description": "EUR/USD pair",
  "country": "AU",
  "currencyBase": "EUR",
  "currencyProfit": "USD",
  "currencyMargin": "USD",
  "digits": 3,
  "point": 0.001,
  "multiply": 1000,
  "tradeMode": "TRADE_FULL",
  "calcMode": "TRADE_MODE_FOREX",
  "execMode": "EXECUTION_MARKET",
  "gtcMode": "ORDERS_GTC",
  "tickValue": 0.1,
  "tickSize": 0.1,
  "contractSize": 1,
  "stopsLevel": 0,
  "freezeLevel": 0,
  "volumeMin": 0.01,
  "volumeMax": 1000,
  "volumeStep": 0.01,
  "timeExpiration": 1684332183000