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Is API implementation stable?#

The API is stable at this point.

How can I be sure your service is reliable enough?#

We execute a comprehensive test suite on each build. We also use the service ourselves for a workload exceeding 10K accounts.

How many accounts your application supports per deployment?#

The service was tested integrationally with workloads of up to 25K MetaTrader accounts. This does not mean that 25K accounts is a limit. The theoretical limit based on load test results of individual service components is 1M accounts. It is theoretical because we just can not get as much hardware at this point to test this kind of workload integrationally. This said, it is necessary to run appropriate load tests before launching workloads bigger than 25K accounts.

Could you describe in high-level how your API works?#

MetaApi risk management API is based on MetaApi cloud forex trading API service

In order to configure risk tracking you need to:

  • add your MetaTrader accounts to MetaApi
  • enable equity tracking API for your MT account
  • create one or more drawdown or profit trackers

Equity, drawdown and profit tracking will happen in cloud automatically.

Where can I find some code examples?#

We published some code examples in our github repositories, namely:

In order to convert the code examples to pure REST API invocations, please check source codes of the APIs invoked in examples.

Will I be charged for using your API?#

MetaApi risk management API uses a paid MetaApi cloud forex trading API service.

We recommend running your workloads using G2 high reliability infrastructure in order to get the best possible uptime and reasonable price.

MetaApi risk management API is billed per trading account per hour on top of MetaApi costs.

See for more details.

I would like to try the service for free, is this possible?#

MetaApi provides a free usage tier so that you can test the service for free.

I plan to run many accounts at once. Can I get a discount?#

We designed our pricing so that you pay equal or less than amount you have to pay for executing your own infrastructure even in high volume usage scenario. Please check our pricing.

Is the service safe to use?#

Security of our service is mostly based on the fact that it is not possible to transfer funds from your trading account using trading terminal access, because access to deposits/withdrawals is split from trading access by your broker. Our app requires only trading terminal access to operate correctly. Feel free to do your own research on this subject if you want.

When you add your trading account to our app via MetaApi, you expose your MT account password (so that our app can connect to your broker) and your API calls to our app.

In our company we employ standard industry security protocols. The application code is being reviewed by senior management before going into production. The cloud infrastructure runs on an isolated network and all ingoing and outgoing communication is encrypted and uses strong authentication. The number of people who have access to production infrastructure is limited to a single person who administers the infrastructure and resolve technical issues if they arise.

How do you recommend securing my trading account?#

We recommend you to add your MT accounts to MetaApi using investor (read-only) password when possible.

Other questions#

Any question? Post it via online chat any time to get a response. We will be happy to answer.