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Metatrader symbol price#


Contains current price for a symbol


Name Type Required Description
symbol string Yes symbol (e.g. a currency pair or an index)
bid number Yes bid price
ask number Yes ask price
profitTickValue number Yes tick value for a profitable position
lossTickValue number Yes tick value for a loosing position
accountCurrencyExchangeRate number current exchange rate of account currency into account base currency (USD if you did not override it)
time string(datetime) Yes quote time, in ISO format
brokerTime string Yes quote time, in broker timezone, YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS format


  "symbol": "AUDNZD",
  "bid": 1.05297,
  "ask": 1.05309,
  "profitTickValue": 0.59731,
  "lossTickValue": 0.59736,
  "time": "2020-04-07T03:45:23.345Z",
  "brokerTime": "2020-04-07 06:45:23.345"