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Too many requests error#


Contains a too many requests error message and data. The error occurs if more requests are made within a certain period than the application allows. The HTTP response contains the Retry-After header, which indicates when it is recommended to repeat the request for its successful completion. See more Rate limiting


Name Type Required Description
id integer Yes Error id
error string Yes Error name
message string Yes Error description
metadata object Yes Additional information about error. See below


Name Type Required Description
periodInSeconds integer Yes rate limiting period in seconds
creditsAvailable integer Yes available credits for period
creditsUsed integer Yes used credits for period
creditsRequired integer Yes required credits for request
recommendedRetryTime datetime Yes recommended time to retry request


  "id": 1,
  "error": "TooManyRequestsError",
  "message": "You cannot fulfill as many requests per account within 60 seconds(s). You have 5000 CPU credits per account and have used 5000 CPU credits for this account. Please try again later",
  "metadata": {
    "periodInSeconds": 60,
    "creditsAvailable": 5000,
    "creditsUsed": 5000,
    "creditsRequired": 50,
    "recommendedRetryTime": "2021-02-05T16:59:17.029Z"


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