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Metatrader tick#


Contains current or historical tick data


Name Type Required Description
symbol string Yes symbol (e.g. a currency pair or an index)
time string(datetime) Yes time, in ISO format
brokerTime string Yes time, in broker timezone, YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS format
bid number bid price
ask number ask price
last number last deal price
volume number volume for the current last deal price
side string is tick a result of buy or sell deal, one of buy or sell


  "symbol": "AUDNZD",
  "time": "2020-04-07T03:45:00.000Z",
  "brokerTime": "2020-04-07 06:45:00.000",
  "bid": 1.05297,
  "ask": 1.05309,
  "last": 0.5298,
  "volume": 0.13,
  "side": "buy"