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Notifies of terminal broker connection status.

For more information see AsyncApi documentation


This event is emitted by MetaApi periodically for deployed accounts.

The message below can be received from the synchronization event.

Name Type Required Description
type string Yes The value of this field will be status
connected boolean Yes If true, it means that the terminal is connected to a broker
authenticated boolean Yes If true, it means that the terminal is initialized and can process incoming requests
accountId string Yes account id specified in the request
healthStatus object Yes server-side application health status
host string Yes Hostname the event was generated at

healthStatus fields#

Name Type Required Description
rpcApiHealthy boolean Yes flag indicating that RPC API is healthy
copyFactorySubscriberHealthy boolean flag indicating that CopyFactory subscriber is healthy
copyFactoryProviderHealthy boolean flag indicating that CopyFactory provider is healthy

Code example:

import ioClient from '';

const socket = ioClient('', {
    path: '/ws',
    reconnection: false,
    query: {
        'auth-token': 'token'

const request = {
  accountId: '865d3a4d-3803-486d-bdf3-a85679d9fad2',
  type: 'synchronize',
  requestId: '57bfbc9f-108d-4131-a300-5f7d9e69c11b',
  startingDealTime: '2019-01-13T10:29:26.000Z',
  startingHistoryOrderTime: '2019-01-13T10:29:26.000Z'

socket.on('connect', () => {
  socket.emit('request', request);

socket.on('synchronization', data => {
  if (data.type === 'authenticated') {
    request.requestId = uuid.v4();
    socket.emit('request', request);

socket.on('processingError', err => {

An example of a synchronization payload:

  "type": "status",
  "connected": true,
  "authenticated": true,
  "accountId": "865d3a4d-3803-486d-bdf3-a85679d9fad2",
  "host": "ps-mpa-1"