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Create configuration link


Generates trading account configuration link by account id. This link can be used by the end user to enter trading account login and password. After this initial account configuration, another link can be requested to allow your end user to change the password.

PUT /users/current/accounts/:accountId/configuration-link

For more information see swagger documentation


Name Type Required Description
auth-token string Yes Authorization token. See Authentication and authorization

Path parameters

Name Type Required Description
accountId string Yes Trading account id

Query parameters

Name Type Required Description
ttlInDays number Lifetime of the link in days. Default is 7.


  • 200 - Configuration link returned. Response schema:
Name Type Required Description
configurationLink string Yes Trading account configuration link
  • 400 - Validation failed. Response schema: Error
  • 404 - Trading account not found. Response schema: Error


Example request:

curl -X PUT --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'auth-token: token' ''

Example response:

  "configurationLink": ""