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Get known trading servers


Retrieves known MT servers by exact MT version and full-text fuzzy search. Response object limited to 10 brokers and 10 servers per broker. Note that the endpoint retreives only known MT servers and you can still use servers that are not in the list.

GET /known-mt-servers/:version/search

For more information see swagger documentation


Name Type Required Description
auth-token string Yes Authorization token. See Authentication and authorization

Path parameters

Name Type Required Description
version number Yes MT version

Query parameters

Name Type Required Description
query string Yes Search query


  • 200 - Known trading servers object grouped by brokers returned. Response schema: KnownTradingServers
  • 400 - Validation failed. Response schema: Error


Example request:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'auth-token: token' ''

Example response:

  "Raw Trading Ltd": ["ICMarketsSC-Demo", "ICMarketsSC-MT5"],
  "IC Markets Ltd": ["ICMarketsInternational-Demo"]