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The MetaApi Provisioning REST API is part of the MetaApi application. The main purpose of the Provisioning API is to let you start and manage cloud API servers which can be used to access your MetaTrader accounts.

Official SDKs

Official SDKs are listed on page. SDK simplifies application implementation. Please note that we do not cover SDKs docs in this document. Please check readme files of corresponding packages for SDK docs.

Working code examples

Please check this short video to see how you can download samples via our web application.

Working code examples are also available on GitHub.


Features supported:

  • add and manage MT accounts added to MetaApi
  • create demo MT accounts

The features described above are available for use using the RESTful API.

Documentation Structure

  • Provisioning API section explains REST API methods available
  • Models section explains the models that are used in the API

Take a look at our website for the full list of APIs and features supported

Some of the APIs you might decide to use together with MetaStats API are:

  1. MetaApi cloud forex API
  2. CopyFactory copy trading API
  3. MetaStats forex trading metrics API
  4. MetaApi MT Manager API
  5. MetaApi risk management API