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Currency summary history day metrics#


Profitability from trading a currency pair on long and short positions in one trading day


Name Type Required Description
date string(date) Yes date of trading day, in broker timezone, YYYY-MM-DD format
totalProfit number Yes total profit of trading day
totalPips number total pips of trading day
shortProfit number total profit of short trades per day
longProfit number total profit of long trades per day
shortPips number total pips of short trades per day
longPips number total pips of long trades per day


  "date": "2019-06-16",
  "totalProfit": 265,
  "totalPips": 2832,
  "shortProfit": 100,
  "longProfit": 165,
  "shortPips": 832,
  "longPips": 2000