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Monthly analytic currency metrics#


Currency pair trading information


Name Type Required Description
currency string Yes currency pair
averageHoldingTimeLongsInMilliseconds number average holding time of long trades
averageHoldingTimeShortsInMilliseconds number average holding time of short trades
rewardToRiskRatio number Yes reward to risk ratio - the difference between reward and risk, where the lesser is always one. So 0 means reward:risk=1:1, 2 means 3:1, -0.5 means 1:1.5
popularityPercent number Yes the percentage of popularity of this currency this month


  "currency": "AUDNZD",
  "averageHoldingTimeLongsInMilliseconds": 200000,
  "averageHoldingTimeShortsInMilliseconds": 267800,
  "rewardToRiskRatio": -1.2,
  "popularityPercent": 20.45