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Period metrics#


Information about trades for today or this week or this month or this year and the difference with the results for the previous period


Name Type Required Description
profit number profit of this period
pips number cumulative pips of this period
lots number cumulative lots of this period
gain number percentage gain (rate of return) of this period
trades integer the number of trades of this period
wonTradesPercent number percentage of winning trades of this period
profitDifference number difference in profit with the previous period
pipsDifference number difference in pips with the previous period
lotsDifference number difference in lots with the previous period
gainDifference number difference in percentage gain with the previous period
tradesDifference integer difference in the number of trades with the previous period
wonTradesPercentDifference number difference in percentage of winning trades with the previous period


  "profit": 10,
  "pips": 1440,
  "lots": 0.1,
  "gain": 0.13,
  "trades": 4,
  "wonTradesPercent": 50,
  "profitDifference": -50,
  "pipsDifference": -5000,
  "lotsDifference": -1,
  "gainDifference": -2.4,
  "tradesDifference": -10,
  "wonTradesPercentDifference": 10