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Daily growth metrics#


Daily growth shows the profitability of the trading account. It shows each profit received from the volume of trade and changes in balance, total accumulated income and existing account drawdown by day.


Name Type Required Description
date string(date) Yes date of trading day, in broker timezone, YYYY-MM-DD format
profit number cumulative profit per day
pips number cumulative pips per day
lots number cumulative lots per day
gains number cumulative percentage gains per day
totalProfit number Yes total profit in this day end
totalGains number Yes total percentage gains in this day end
balance number Yes balance in this day end
drawdownPercentage number percentage of balance drawdown in this day end
drawdownProfit number maximum registered balance drawdown in basic currency during this day


  "date": "2018-02-23",
  "profit": -100,
  "pips": -1057,
  "lots": 1.5,
  "gains": -1.5,
  "totalProfit": 230,
  "totalGains": 76,
  "balance": 176087,
  "drawdownPercentage": 17,
  "drawdownProfit": 10655