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Open trade#


Contains a open trade.


Name Type Required Description
_id string Yes historical trade id
accountId string Yes MetaApi account id
positionId string Yes trade position id
volume number Yes trade volume
success string Yes trade success, enum: won, lost
profit number Yes trade profit
openTime string Yes time the trade was opened at in broker timezone, YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS format
type string Yes trade type, enum: POSITION_TYPE_BUY, POSITION_TYPE_SELL
symbol string Yes symbol the trade relates to
openPrice number Yes trade opening price
gain number Yes trade gain
durationInMinutes number Yes trade duration in minutes
pips number Yes the number of pips (price units) earned (positive) or lost (negative) in this trade
marketValue number Yes trade market value
riskInBalancePercent number trade risk in % of balance
riskInPips number trade risk in pips
comment string position comment


  "_id": "AS_AUDNZD_3zfxXl3RvJ+8512",
  "accountId": "AS_AUDNZD_3zfxXl3RvJ",
  "volume": 0.1,
  "profit": -0.28,
  "success": "lost",
  "openTime": "2020-04-17 07:30:03.223",
  "type": "POSITION_TYPE_BUY",
  "symbol": "AUDNZD",
  "openPrice": 1.05782,
  "durationInMinutes": 1215,
  "gain": -0.04003202562049639,
  "pips": -15,
  "marketValue": 0.1344642674655637