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Monthly analytic metrics#


Monthly analysis contains information about the monthly balance profitability of the trading account.


Name Type Required Description
date string Yes date of trading month, in broker timezone, YYYY-MM format
profit number cumulative profit per month
pips number cumulative pips per month
lots number cumulative lots per month
gains number cumulative percentage gains per month
trades integer the number of trades of this month
currencies Array<MonthlyAnalyticC...> currency information of this month


  "date": "2020-04",
  "profit": 200,
  "pips": 2678,
  "lots": 4.2,
  "gains": 0.2,
  "trades": 212,
  "currencies": [
      "currency": "AUDNZD",
      "averageHoldingTimeLongsInMilliseconds": 200000,
      "averageHoldingTimeShortsInMilliseconds": 267800,
      "rewardToRiskRatio": -1.2,
      "popularityPercent": 20.45