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Account strategy stop out#


Account strategy stop out


Name Type Required Description
strategy StrategyIdAndName Yes strategy which was stopped out
partial boolean Yes flag indicating that stopout is partial
reason string Yes stopout reason. One of yearly-balance, monthly-balance, daily-balance, yearly-equity, monthly-equity, daily-equity, max-drawdown
reasonDescription string Yes human-readable description of the stopout reason
closePositions boolean flag indicating if positions should be closed
stoppedAt string(datetime) Yes time the strategy was stopped at (in ISO format)
stoppedTill string(datetime) time the strategy is stopped till (in ISO format)


  "strategy": {
    "id": "GtyH",
    "name": "Demo strategy"
  "partial": true,
  "reason": "daily-balance",
  "reasonDescription": "daily realized loss exceeded maximum allowed value",
  "stoppedAt": "2020-08-24T00:00:00.000Z",
  "stoppedTill": "2020-08-24T10:00:00.000Z"