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Strategy time settings#


Settings to manage copying timeframe and position lifetime. Default is to copy position within 1 minute from being opened at source and let the position to live for up to 90 days


Name Type Required Description
lifetimeInHours number position lifetime. Default is to keep positions open up to 90 days
openingIntervalInMinutes number time interval to copy new positions. Default is to let 1 minute for the position to get copied. If position were not copied during this time, the copying will not be retried anymore
expirePendingOrderSignals boolean If set to true, the openingIntervalInMinutes setting will be applied to pending order signals as well. By default pending order signals do not expire


  "lifetimeInHours": 10,
  "openingIntervalInMinutes": 20,
  "expirePendingOrderSignals": true