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Trading signal#


The trading signal model describes trade signals the subscriber account have received from strategies via subscriptions


Name Type Required Description
strategy StrategyIdAndName Yes strategy the signal arrived from
positionId string Yes id of the position the signal was generated from
time string(datetime) Yes time the signal was emitted at (in ISO format)
symbol string Yes trade symbol
type string Yes type of the trade. One of market, limit, stop
side string Yes side of the trade. One of buy, sell, close
openPrice number pending order open price
stopLoss number stop loss price
takeProfit number take profit price
signalVolume number Yes the signal volume
subscriberVolume number Yes the volume already open on subscriber side
subscriberProfit number Yes the total profit of the position on subscriber side
closeAfter string(datetime) Yes the time the signal will be automatically closed at (in ISO format)
closeOnly boolean flag indicating that only closing side of this signal will be copied


  "strategy": {
    "id": "GtyH",
    "name": "Demo strategy"
  "positionId": "+apNW3",
  "time": "2020-08-24T00:00:00.000Z",
  "symbol": "EURUSD",
  "type": "market",
  "side": "buy",
  "openPrice": 0.5,
  "stopLoss": 0.4,
  "takeProfit": 0.6,
  "signalVolume": 0.01,
  "subscriberVolume": 0.01,
  "closeAfter": "2020-08-26T00:00:00.000Z",
  "closeOnly": true