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Name Type Required Description
_id string Yes strategy id, unique across the platform
name string Yes strategy human-readable name
description string Yes longer strategy human-readable description
positionLifecycle string Yes position detection mode. Allowed values are netting (single position per strategy per symbol) and hedging (multiple positions per strategy per symbol)
skipPendingOrders boolean flag indicating that pending orders should not be copied. Default is to copy pending orders
connectionId string Yes id of the MetaApi account providing the strategy
commissionScheme CommissionScheme commission scheme allowed by this strategy. By default monthly billing period with no commission is being used
platformCommissionRate number Yes commission rate the platform charges for strategy copying, applied to commissions charged by provider. This commission applies only to accounts not managed directly by provider. Should be fraction of 1
maxTradeRisk number optional max risk per trade, expressed as a fraction of 1. If trade has a SL, the trade size will be adjusted to match the risk limit. If not, the trade SL will be applied according to the risk limit
reverse boolean flag indicating that the strategy should be copied in a reverse direction
reduceCorrelations string optional setting indicating whether to enable automatic trade correlation reduction. Possible settings are not specified (disable correlation risk restrictions), by-strategy (limit correlations on strategy level) or by-symbol (limit correlations on symbol level)
stopOutRisk StrategyStopOut optional stop out setting. All trading will be terminated and positions closed once equity drawdown reaches this value
symbolFilter StrategySymbolF... optional symbol filter which can be used to copy only specific symbols or exclude some symbols from copying
newsFilter StrategyNewsFilter optional news risk filter configuration. Experimental feature
riskLimits Array<StrategyR...> optional strategy risk limits. You can configure trading to be stopped once total drawdown generated during specific period is exceeded. Can be specified either for balance or equity drawdown
maxStopLoss StrategyMaxSto... optional stop loss value restriction
maxLeverage number optional setting indicating maxumum leverage allowed when opening a new positions. Any trade which results in a higher leverage will be discarded
symbolMapping Array<SymbolM...> defines how symbol name should be changed when trading (e.g. when broker uses symbol names with unusual suffixes). By default this setting is disabled and the trades are copied using signal source symbol name
tradeSizeScalingMode string if set to balance, the trade size on strategy subscriber will be scaled according to balance to preserve risk. If value is none, then trade size will be preserved irregardless of the subscriber balance. If value is contractSize, then trade size will be scaled according to contract size. Default is balance. = [none, contractSize, balance]
magicFilter StrategyMagicF... optional magic (expert id) filter
timeSettings StrategyTimeSe... settings to manage copying timeframe and position lifetime. Default is to copy position within 1 minute from being opened at source and let the position to live for up to 90 days
equityCurveFilter StrategyEquity... filter which permits the trades only if account equity is greater than balance moving average


  "_id": "AeRF",
  "name": "Test strategy",
  "description": "Some useful description about your strategy",
  "positionLifecycle": "netting",
  "skipPendingOrders": true,
  "connectionId": "105646d8-8c97-4d4d-9b74-413bd66cd4ed",
  "commissionScheme": {
    "type": "flat-fee",
    "billingPeriod": "week",
    "commissionRate": 1
  "platformCommissionRate": 1,
  "maxTradeRisk": 0.4,
  "reverse": true,
  "reduceCorrelations": "by-strategy",
  "stopOutRisk": {
    "value": 0.4,
    "startTime": "2020-08-24T00:00:00.000Z"
  "symbolFilter": {
    "included": [
  "newsFilter": {
    "calendarNewsFilter": {
      "priorities": [
      "closePositionTimeGapInMinutes": 10,
      "openPositionPrecedingTimeGapInMinutes": 20,
      "openPositionFollowingTimeGapInMinutes": 20
  "riskLimits": [
      "type": "daily",
      "applyTo": "balance",
      "maxRisk": 0.4,
      "closePositions": true,
      "startTime": "2020-08-24T00:00:00.000Z"
  "maxStopLoss": {
    "value": 150,
    "units": "pips"
  "maxLeverage": 50,
  "symbolMapping": [
      "to": "EURUSD",
      "from": "EURUSD.m"
  "tradeSizeScalingMode": "none",
  "magicFilter": {
    "included": [
  "timeSettings": {
    "lifetimeInHours": 10,
    "openingIntervalInMinutes": 10