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Regions (geographical locations)#

CopyFactory supports executing provider and/or subscriber accounts in different geographical locations (regions).

Currently we provide a public access to new-york and london regions our of box.

Network latency to brokers located in New York and London is less than 1ms.

Cross-region deployments#

You can split your subscriber accounts across multiple regions. Please note, however, that in order for copy trading to work correctly you need to deploy your provider account in all regions which have at least one subscriber account deployed.

Cross-region failover#

CopyFactory supports hot standby cross-region failover. You can deploy your subscriber accounts in two or more regions at the same time. If one of the regions will fail or will undergo a maintenance, then trade copying will be continued in another region.

Custom regions#

You can request a custom region to be deployed in the location of your choice. This is currently a paid option. Please contact us via online chat to discuss this option.