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Strategy risk limit#


You can configure trading to be stopped once total drawdown generated during specific period is exceeded. Can be specified either for balance or equity drawdown


Name Type Required Description
type string Yes restriction type. One of day, date, week, week-to-date, month, month-to-date, quarter, quarter-to-date, year, year-to-date or lifetime
applyTo string Yes account metric to apply limit to. One of balance-difference, balance-minus-equity, equity-difference. Note that in order to use equity-difference you will need to enable risk management API on subscriber accounts
maxAbsoluteRisk number max drawdown allowed, measured in account currency
maxRelativeRisk number max drawdown allowed, expressed as a fraction of 1
closePositions boolean Yes whether to force close positions when the risk is reached. If value is false then only the new trades will be halted, but existing ones will not be close
startTime string(datetime) time to start risk tracking from (in ISO format). All previous trades will be ignored. You can use this value to reset the filter after stopout event


  "type": "day",
  "applyTo": "balance-difference",
  "maxAbsoluteRisk": 0.05,
  "maxRelativeRisk": 0.01,
  "closePositions": true,
  "startTime": "2020-08-24T00:00:00.000Z"