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Strategy telegram settings#


Strategy Telegram integration settings


Name Type Required Description
publishing object Telegarm publishing settings (see below)

Telegram publishing settings#

Name Type Required Description
token string Telegram bot API token
chatId string Telegram chatId to publish signals to. It can reference either a public channel (e.g. @myChannel), private channel (works by chat id only) or a user (works by chatId only). Note that in order to publish signals to a channel bot must be an admin of the channel
template string Telegram message template. A substring of ${description} will be replaced with a signal description. Other variables you can use: ${operation}, ${orderId}, ${side}, ${type}, ${volume}, ${symbol}, ${openPrice}, ${stopLoss}, ${takeProfit}.


  "publishing": {
    "token": "...",
    "chantId": "@myPublicChannel",
    "template": "${description}"